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Legal Apple has responded to the recent patent threats again iOS application developers by Lodsys. Bruce Sewell, Apple's senior vice president and general counsel, sent a letter to Lodsys CEO Mark Small detailing why the threats are baseless. Apple claims they have a license to the patents in question, and that the iOS application developers are mere customers - not distributors.
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RE: A rough translation
by MacMan on Tue 24th May 2011 12:48 UTC in reply to "A rough translation"
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Dear Lodsys,

Cut your crap or we'll sue you into oblivion.



I'd love to say this were true, but thats the problem with patent trolls:
they produce nothing, they create nothing only litigation.

As far as I know, without an actual product, you have nothing to sue them over. They need to have a product that allegedly infringes on one of your patents to be able to sue them.

The only thing one can do against patent trolls is go though the long drawn out process of trying to prove their patents are invalid.

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