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OS/2 and eComStation Yes, it's still being updated. OS/2 eComStation 2.1 has been released by Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV. The market for eComStation may not be particularly huge, but it still has its niches here and there. Since there might be folks here that aren't in the know: eComStation is the commercial continuation of IBM's OS/2, developed to support modern hardware.
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RE[4]: Four Day Old News
by pantheraleo on Tue 24th May 2011 15:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Four Day Old News"
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Everybody can write glorified copy/pasted press releases and call it news. If you think it's so easy, then why have you never submitted anything?

I actually have submitted stuff in the past. Just not for awhile because I stopped visiting OSNews for a long time because the site isn't nearly as actively updated as it used to be. As I said, in the past, OSNews had new content posted several times a day. Now it often only gets one new item a day. And it usually doesn't happen until night. Most people catch up on IT related news in the morning. And every morning, it's basically the same story "Nothing new to see at OSNews".

Look, not even PAID editors churn out the amount of news that I do

Really? A lot of the time there is only one new article a day posted here.

I go to university, run my own company, and have a very active social life.

It's called spreading yourself too thin.

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