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OS/2 and eComStation Yes, it's still being updated. OS/2 eComStation 2.1 has been released by Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV. The market for eComStation may not be particularly huge, but it still has its niches here and there. Since there might be folks here that aren't in the know: eComStation is the commercial continuation of IBM's OS/2, developed to support modern hardware.
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Swimming with the crowd
by frajo on Tue 24th May 2011 19:00 UTC
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Thanks, Thom, for mentioning my main OS. Just yesterday installed the new 2.1 on an old PIII server. No problem, not even the 16:10 display.
Now I'm going to put it onto an Athlon X2 box with an eSATA attached 1.5 TB disk. The machines are KVM-ed, so it's the same screen.

I'm not intending to proselytize, but I have to admit that I like entertainment of the Harold Camping style ("The End is Near"; "too pricey", "oldfashioned", "no hardware support"), especially when it's going on for more than ten years.

This kind of stuff could make me think to own sort of superpowers not available to mere earthlings - if it were not for the fact that the Harold Campings of eCS are just guessing and projecting around.

It's quite understandable that ordinary youngsters can't imagine the world of mainframe fortran programming. And I just don't care. Let them have fun with their gaming devices (if possible) - I am thankful to all those who created or maintain OS/2 rsp. eComStation as no other OS can give me this rewarding feeling.

Some hints:
1) If you talk about prices you must not forget the TCO.
2) Former OS/2 or eCS users pay considerably less than other users.
3) The "Home & Student" license can be used on up to five production machines.
4) When you are 60, why should you care about your OS's future?
5) What makes some OS/2 and eCS adversaries that much nervous? Why do they care at all? When I don't like a site I don't waste my time to complain there. When I don't like an OS, I don't waste my time with spreading negative gossip.
6) I very much like this site. Not because of the news but because of the information.

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