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Linux "So far. we have seen 39 development cycles of Linux 2.6 and the 40th is about to start. However, Linux 2.6.39 might be the end of the Linux 2.6 series. In an email, Linus Torvalds wrote that the numbers are becoming too big and he might [be] thinking of giving the next release a version number of 2.8.0. [...] In the ensuing discussion, Torvalds wrote that a version number of 3.0 is also a strong possibility", as a natural way to introduce a new numbering scheme where odd numbers are also used for stable releases and feature releases increment the second digit.
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RE[3]: <animal> <integer>
by poundsmack on Tue 24th May 2011 21:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: <animal> <integer>"
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Ya, but when you go to, say (love this site) and pull up the "technical" tab to see the release date of every version (both beta and stable), you see it all as super rapid fire:

the only program I've ever seen more this quickly through solid number is a text editor I like called Tea:

Which is at version 29 ;)

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