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Google Even though Google supports (some might say encourages) unlocking the bootloader and gaining root access on its own Nexus line of Android devices, it's currently blocking the newly announced Google Movies service on rooted devices.
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RE: Where have I seen this before?
by Alfman on Wed 25th May 2011 06:42 UTC in reply to "Where have I seen this before?"
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"You guys remember when Vista came out and they introduced HDCP, it was all, 'Oh nos.... we all need to switch to Linux to escape this evil DRM!!!' The FSF damn near had a shit fit. The problem was that the vitriol was being leveled at Microsoft instead of at Big Content, where it belonged."

That's only partly true. Unfortunately the Vista DRM was more pervasive than that. Starting with Vista, MS prohibited owners from installing their own drivers, a move which was clearly aimed at crippling the distribution of open source kernel drivers.

"And, as usual, legitimate customers will continue to be inconvenienced while the pirates go unaffected."

Right on.

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