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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless has the dirt on the details of Nokia's next two MeeGo devices [German]. To sum up: the first device, the (very) long-awaited N9, has a similar design to the N900 - a horizontal sliding 4-line keyboard, but this time with a tiltable screen, a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8-based processor, a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens, and HDMI out. It will be a developer device, distributed at developer conferences such as the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco in a couple of days.
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RE[11]: Obsolete
by VZsolt on Wed 25th May 2011 14:53 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Obsolete"
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There's a book titled "Symbian OS Internals" detailing how exactly this kind of stuff works with Symbian.

In short, in case of Nokia phones: Nokia's internal OS (sometimes called as ISA or domestic OS) runs below/aside Symbian and handles everything radio- and otherwise hardware-related events and processes. The two OSs communicate with each other through IPC. Look up NokiaTSY for example, if you can find the Symbian Foundation sources - this component was opensourced too.

Earlier dual-core CPUs ran the DOS and Symbian on the two cores. It was an actual evolutionary (more like cost-cutting) step to share a single application processor among the two systems. An advantage was the cost, a disadvantage is that if either OS enters a busy wait cycle, it can starve the other, resulting in either slow network speeds, slow telephony event handling (like Symbian freezing for seconds after a hangup), lags and whatnot.

It is speculated in the book, that later Symbian would take over radio handling, ruling out the domestic OS. But that didn't happen as far as I know, not on the current S^3 generation at least.

BTW, this Nokia-internal OS is also working on the N900 (see phonet) and all the S40 devices. I'm not really sure about the S40 architecture but you can imagine the picture.

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