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Mac OS X Well, it took them long enough. Apple has finally acknowledged the existence of the MAC Defender trojan, and has offered removal instructions. The company has also promised a security update to Mac OS X that will block MAC Defender and its variants from working. All this information was published in the form of a support document on Apple's website. Update: Well, that was fast. A new variant of the trojan, called Mac Guard, has been discovered. Unlike previous variants, this one does not require users to enter their administrative password.
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by systyrant on Wed 25th May 2011 19:58 UTC in reply to ":)"
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From what I've seen it's pretty easy to get rid of it unlike it's PC cousin. And the new version that doesn't require the root password probably has extremely limited access to anything outside the users directories.

I've not had it on my Mac, but I did get the pc variant and the only way to fix the damage it did was with a complete format of the PC. Does the Mac variant cause the same kind of headaches?

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