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Apple 40 minutes and physical access. That's all russian company ElcomSoft is claiming to need in order to crack the 256-bit hardware encryption Apple uses to protect the data on iOS 4 devices. Full access to everything that's stored inside, including "historical information such as geolocation data, browsing history, call history, text messages and emails, usernames, [passwords, and even some] data deleted by the user", is obtained.
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Nothing will be secure.
by Finchwizard on Wed 25th May 2011 22:41 UTC
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Nothing is secure because you have the human factor in it.

People are idiots, they will think they're being secure by using a complicated password then they will use that password for everything. Not smart.

Even things like LastPass, keep your stuff secure, then they get hacked and gain some info on accounts.

Happens every day, it's how they then deal with it that's the key issue.

Just think. At least we don't have phones made by Sony.

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