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Apple 40 minutes and physical access. That's all russian company ElcomSoft is claiming to need in order to crack the 256-bit hardware encryption Apple uses to protect the data on iOS 4 devices. Full access to everything that's stored inside, including "historical information such as geolocation data, browsing history, call history, text messages and emails, usernames, [passwords, and even some] data deleted by the user", is obtained.
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Bill Shooter of Bul,

"5) ( for windows) Why require a backdoor, when the front door is wide open? Front door access, gives plausible deniability. No.. that wasn't the NSA/CIA/FBI/DIA, it was a hacker who wrote that virus that stole all your files and smashed your centrifuges."

I don't know why your post was downvoted...but an educated guess says it's likely that secret agencies (or even corporate spies) are using published and unpublished vulnerabilities. It's rather irrelevant that they're intentional or not.

If they really want the information, they can always plant a keylogger. Or mount a highres camera where they can record people logging in.

Or, if those are infeasible, recording the sounds of keystrokes by targeting windows with distant lasers is plausible (yet another vulnerability for owners of windows).

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