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Internet & Networking "John Perry Barlow - EFF co-founder, Grateful Dead lyricist, and, improbably, now a rancher - arrived in Paris and began tweeting up a storm from the e-G8 summit gathered there this week to discuss the future of the Internet." Incredible what Sarkozy is planning - how about he focus on the many problems in France the people there are actually suffering from?
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Some sample's of Sarkozy's wisdom
by twitterfire on Thu 26th May 2011 12:34 UTC
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"Although technology in and of itself is neutral, and must remain so, the way that Internet is used is not neutral."
"The universe that you represent is not a parallel universe which is free of rules of law or ethics or of any of the fundamental principles that must govern and do govern the social lives of our democratic states."
"Don't forget that behind the anonymous Internet user there is a real citizen living in a real society and a real culture and a nation to which he or she belongs, with its laws and its rules."
Artists "must not be despoiled of the fruit of their talent. That doesn't simply ruin them, but far worse, it enslaves them."
Governments "wish to enter into dialogue with you so that we can defend one another's interests."
"[I am] calling for collective responsibility."
"What I am calling for is for everyone to be reasonable."

If I were french I'd hang him by his feet with an ethernet cable on top of Eiffel tower. Theoretically speaking, ofc.

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