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Mac OS X It seems that the fight between Amazon and Apple has just entered into a new phase. The two companies are already in the world's silliest tussle over the trademark for the term 'app store', and now Amazon has kicked it up a notch by launching a competitor to the Mac App Store. While not nearly as large as the Mac App Store, it contains a number of big-name titles which are not available through Apple's offering - such as Microsoft Office.
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Comment by clasqm
by clasqm on Fri 27th May 2011 10:22 UTC
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Well, if Apple can sell books, then why not? But it seems a little disorganized ATM. If you start clicking through the Next... screens you soon start seeing Windows-only products.

It looks like Amazon has been selling these things for a while, it just gave them their own category and added a download, rather than boxed, option here and there. NBD, really.

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