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General Development After having an interesting discussion with Brendan on the topic of deadlocks in threaded and asynchronous event handling systems (see the comments on this blog post), I just had something to ask to the developers on OSnews: could you live without blocking API calls? Could you work with APIs where lengthy tasks like writing to a file, sending a signal, doing network I/O, etc is done in a nonblocking fashion, with only callbacks as a mechanism to return results and notify your software when an operation is done?
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RE: Easy answer
by Neolander on Fri 27th May 2011 14:40 UTC in reply to "Easy answer"
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Porting things would be more annoying, though.

Fair point, but in the case of this OS project, I mostly aim at showcasing a new, (hopefully) better way to do things, not so much at competing with existing OSs, if that is even possible.

So if I manage to build something that works fantastically well and that could, given some love, become a powerful alternative to existing OS, then I consider that I've succeeded, even if in the end the project never gets that love because it lacks drivers or because porting software is too hard.

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