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General Development After having an interesting discussion with Brendan on the topic of deadlocks in threaded and asynchronous event handling systems (see the comments on this blog post), I just had something to ask to the developers on OSnews: could you live without blocking API calls? Could you work with APIs where lengthy tasks like writing to a file, sending a signal, doing network I/O, etc is done in a nonblocking fashion, with only callbacks as a mechanism to return results and notify your software when an operation is done?
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Comment by foobaz
by foobaz on Fri 27th May 2011 15:25 UTC
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I often prefer to use blocking calls on a background thread. For example, if I have a lot of operations to perform on a slow resource like disk or network. It's easier to spin a new thread that pulls these requests out of a queue while other threads enqueue them. For a file or a socket you can only write from a single thread at a time, and order matters. Using a blocking call on a background thread makes it easy to ensure only one write is occurring at a time.

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