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General Development After having an interesting discussion with Brendan on the topic of deadlocks in threaded and asynchronous event handling systems (see the comments on this blog post), I just had something to ask to the developers on OSnews: could you live without blocking API calls? Could you work with APIs where lengthy tasks like writing to a file, sending a signal, doing network I/O, etc is done in a nonblocking fashion, with only callbacks as a mechanism to return results and notify your software when an operation is done?
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"Well you then know not much about how Java and C# synchronisation mechanisms work. If you're into Java I suggest watching some of Cliff Click's tech talks on concurrency and memory model."

Well that's just not fair, your trying to make fun of me and I'm trying to have a serious discussion... I won't go to your level.

"Reentrant mutex or lock works by allowing the same thread to acquire it more than one time. Also requires it to be released the number of times it was acquired. It essentially has the owning thread + counter."

You're echoing what I had said... in any case, it wasn't applicable to the problem being discussed.

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