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OS/2 and eComStation Yes, it's still being updated. OS/2 eComStation 2.1 has been released by Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV. The market for eComStation may not be particularly huge, but it still has its niches here and there. Since there might be folks here that aren't in the know: eComStation is the commercial continuation of IBM's OS/2, developed to support modern hardware.
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RE[2]: Swimming with the crowd
by frajo on Sat 28th May 2011 09:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Swimming with the crowd"
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Your list of hints that do not relate to your personal feelings, are wildly inaccurate. misleading and/or irrelevant.
Don't know what to love more: the grammar or the stringency.

Your personal love of the OS has bled from the realm of subjectivity into your objective parts of your brain.
That looks like an unfinished topology as it is not evident whether the realm of subjectivity is situated outside or inside of the brain and whether they might be entangled or not. Furthermore I'd appreciate a link to a brain map indicating the objective parts of the brain. Standard fMRI images will suffice.

That's a recipe for a pointless argument ( like the one with the first responder with someone with a more clear separation between the subjective and objective sections of their brain.
I'm not arguing. I'm showing my stance instead.

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