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KDE "KDE has released a first beta of the upcoming 4.7 release of the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Frameworks, which is planned for July 27, 2011. With API, dependency and feature freezes in place, the KDE team's focus is now on fixing bugs and further polishing new and old functionality."
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I have before mentioned it in another KDE-related story that I always seem to experience random crashes and glitches in KDE. I have no idea why, but for example moving the panel around and/or adjusting its size usually gets me a nice crash which also screws up the rest of the desktop and requires killing This also has happened on several different hardware configurations and distros, so it's not definitely related to a specific driver or distro.

The general crashiness of KDE is one of those things that quite quickly put me off of it. If the situation hasn't gotten better yet they should definitely work on it then.

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