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Legal Ding ding ding ding - I think we have a record here. Launched yesterday, Google Wallet has already attracted a lawsuit. While patent lawsuits are teh shizzle these days, this lawsuit is a little different, so sadly I can't trot out my usual 'software patents bad' lines (aww). PayPal has sued Google over its Wallet service, claiming that one key former PayPal executive who accepted a job at Google took trade secrets with him.
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"As far as PayPal cutting off WikiLeaks, sharing classified government documents, even if you come across them accidentally, is illegal. The whole "Loose lips sink ships" thing. Also, I don't know about you, but personally I find Julian Assange to be an extremely annoying and arrogant prick. Guy seems to think he is above the law and untouchable. Hopefully he will learn that he is not.

Why should an Australian citizen, not a US resident and a free person unbound by any oath to US be subject to US laws?

He may think whatever he wishes, but US law DOES NOT APPLY to him. And the pressure that Americans are exerting on other governments is just further proof that US is an imperialist country.

Well, it is teh internets vs jewmoney.

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