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Legal In order to not overwhelm OSNews with even more legal news, I didn't report on the recent developments in Apple v. Samsung until we had some more stuff to consolidate. Well, since the goings been getting good lately there, let's talk about it. Samsung was ordered to hand over a slew of unreleased products and materials to Apple, and now, Samsung, for its part, has demanded that Apple hands over the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to Samsung. If they exist. This is gettin' good.
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The question I'm having though; are Apple's lawyers all engineers also who can fully comprehend the technical details in order to find valid patent infringement? Trusting a lawyer to review and report on technological matters seems like trusting a florist to diagnose human illness and prescribe proper medication.

A room full of laywers reviewing in-development technologies hardly seems like the basis for valid recognition and claim of infringement. Won't Apple still need an engineer in the room to consult with the lawyers?

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