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Microsoft It turns out that a lot of people haven't been paying attention. Over the weekend, a story about how Microsoft is earning more from HTC's Android devices than from its own Windows Phone 7 sales spread all across the web, with surprised reactions everywhere. Anyone who has been paying attention to Microsoft's recent patent trolling regarding Android could've seen this coming.
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If Microsoft has an issue with Android, Microsoft should be going after Google; the manufacturer of Android who implemented the allegedly infringing features.

But of course, none of this is about addressing patent infringement otherwise MS would go after Android directly. Nah.. this isn't about justice. This is about attacking the weakest defendants and working one's way up building layer on layer of case law. Microsoft wants to be able to point to a past case and justify future cases on it. Why provide real evidence when one can simply point at similar case law.

If it was actually about justice, Microsoft would be going after the producer of Android not manufacturers that implement it among other commodity parts. If any of this was actually about justice, Microsoft would actually detail the Android and other Linux based system's alleged infringements.

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