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Microsoft It turns out that a lot of people haven't been paying attention. Over the weekend, a story about how Microsoft is earning more from HTC's Android devices than from its own Windows Phone 7 sales spread all across the web, with surprised reactions everywhere. Anyone who has been paying attention to Microsoft's recent patent trolling regarding Android could've seen this coming.
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by molnarcs on Mon 30th May 2011 08:09 UTC in reply to "SAD"
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My first modern smartphone was from htc. But i swore as soon as they made this "licensing" deal with microsoft i would never buy anything from them again. Which means i will also make sure anyone who asks for a recommendation for a phone NEVER gets pointed in their direction as well.

What? You have a bully (MS) and their victim (HTC). And you decide to punish the victim? How nice of you! This is like boycotting the small corner store because they are forced to pay protection money to the local mafia.

I hope you don't use ANY Microsoft products, because that would make you a hypocrite in addition to being an idiot.

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