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General Development After having an interesting discussion with Brendan on the topic of deadlocks in threaded and asynchronous event handling systems (see the comments on this blog post), I just had something to ask to the developers on OSnews: could you live without blocking API calls? Could you work with APIs where lengthy tasks like writing to a file, sending a signal, doing network I/O, etc is done in a nonblocking fashion, with only callbacks as a mechanism to return results and notify your software when an operation is done?
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RE[2]: Old News
by shotsman on Mon 30th May 2011 18:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Old News"
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AS MQSeries originated on the IBM Mainframe then I'd say we are in agreement.

As for 1975/76. I was using a DEC PDP-11.
Both the RSX-11 & the RT-11 Operating systems were Async IO based. Writing device drivers for them and also VMS was a really enjoyable experience.

The concept of an AST (Asynchronous System Trap) is really nice. This is a bit of code that gets executed when the I/O you have requested completes.

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