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Google Over the weekend, Yong Zhang (yongzh), developer of emulators for old gaming systems on Android, has seen his developer revoked and all applications removed from the Android Market. While locally installed applications remain on user's device this time, they obviously cannot be updated or reinstalled by users who have legally purchased them. No warning or explanation has been sent, but the app and account removal is most likely the result of a complaint from one of the companies who own the right to those systems, as a complaint from Sega last month resulted in a couple of emulators getting removed already.
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Well there seems to be a new alternative app store each week. While this leads to a lot of fragmentation, it does provide something the Apple model (which suffers from the issue you mention to the nth degree) doesn't provide - choice.

And finally, there's always the ability to install an APK directly. The Android Market is entirely optional.

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