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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu Linux, estimates that the product has over 12 million users worldwide. And why not? Ubuntu is free and it runs more than ten thousand applications. It has a vibrant user community, websites covering everything you might ever need to know, good tutorials, a paid support option, and more. Yet I often hear friends and co-workers casually criticize Ubuntu. Perhaps this the price of success. Or is it? In this article I'll analyze common criticisms and try to sort fact from fiction.
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RE[4]: Yeah right
by SteveB on Tue 31st May 2011 13:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Yeah right"
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It is supported, but they can't make an installer that installs a working client. It works on Windows and OS X.

Well... don't force me to go into DEB packaging issues.

The Windows version also has its share of problems. A number of people use Outlook (which I don't like/use) and a Domino connector. This makes their Outlook crash 3 times a day and force them to reboot their PC. They rather do this than use Notes.

LOL. A crashing Outlook makes them to reboot their OS? This speaks for the quality of the OS. Sorry. But no client application should that easy and constantly be able to knock down a OS.

There is a lot not to like about Notes, but I only have 6000 characters left. If you forget about everything there is to dislike about Notes you're still left with a bloated product. People here only use it for email and some the calendar function. Not even the todo. For this Notes is overkill, beyond it even.

So you got a wonderful application and application server that allows you to build easy rich applications, etc and you just use the email part (which is just an application on top of Domino) and based on those problems you have there you say Notes is a problem. Funny.

So if you use Opera/Chrome/FireFox/Safari/etc and you use a web application (for example Google Mail or Microsoft Hotmail) and you have problems with them then the problem is not the application but the browser.

If one would use Notes what it is intended for it is probably something wonderful.

I'm in the proces now of convincing our parent company to allow us to get rid of Notes and Domino.

Notes is the first and only thing new users complain about. When I need to do a quick mail I sometimes revert to my private mail client as it's a lot snappier.

Outlook 2010 isn't a diamond either, but at least it's a true email client. Well, intended to be one.

Notes can do way way more than Outlook. But if you just need Mail then Notes is an overkill. Even Outlook is an overkill. For mail you could use a gazillion of other applications that are faster, better, etc. If you need Calendaring and Scheduling then Outlook is fine.

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