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Windows As you all know, Microsoft is hard at work making sure Windows 8 runs well on tablets, including a completely new, Windows Phone 7-like Metro user interface. Another similarity between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7, apparently, is that Microsoft will be controlling the hardware experience rather tightly. This all comes from Acer CEO J. T. Wang.
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by fizzled on Wed 1st Jun 2011 03:18 UTC
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Assuming Windows 8 for tablets will run on ARM, I suspect that the hardware requirements are there to prevent companies selling the kind of cheap piece-of-shit devices that permeate the low end of the Android tablet market.

Imagine the $100 devices that already struggle to run android getting fresh installs of Windows 8 with antivirus and crapware to boot. Those horrible devices give android a bad name, and I think Microsoft is trying to avoid the same taint.

I think the big problem is the purchasers not knowing enough to buy something decent. At least when purchasing computers, you can go off the numbers, and generally a bigger number is a better one. Tablets typically aren't sold based on the hardware specs. They're sold based on how cool they look.

People buy crappy computers all the time. They put up with them because they need a computer to use the internet, email, etc. Tablets are new and not necessary in the same way as traditional computers are. If someone picks up a Windows 8 tablet, and it sucks, it may put them off the Windows brand for tablets for a long time.

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