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Legal Well, I have to say this: Lodsys got some balls. After Apple threatening them with legal action, Lodsys has gone on the offensive, and has proceeded to sue third party iOS application developers. While Lodsys had first given developers 21 days to negotiate an agreement, due to Apple's legal threats, the company has now moved its litigation timing to an earlier date.
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RE[4]: For or against
by WorknMan on Wed 1st Jun 2011 04:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: For or against"
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FYI, see my comment here:

I'm not saying that we should let people patent anything and everything for an indeterminate period, just that there are some things that aren't really covered by copyright, that developers should be able to take ownership of for at least a limited amount of time. And if the developer wants to sell his patent to a giant corporation, so be it. It's his/her choice.

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