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Internet & Networking If there is one organisation that I hold in very high regard and have a lot of respect for, it's the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The EFF formed after a US Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games' office, back in 1990, which owned the Illuminati Online BBS and later the domain. As Slashdot reports, the domain has been sold, and all email, shell, and homepage services will be transferred. A piece of internet history, right here, and a landmark in the fight for online freedom and free speech.
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086 PC with Floppy Boot
by imtiaz on Wed 1st Jun 2011 18:44 UTC
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I used PC first to learn PASCAL in 1994 on a 086 PC. We booted them to DOS using floppy and saved our programs in another floppy (5in floppies were there). There were 6 PCs in the lab and one was exclusive, bcoz that had 20MB HDD (!!!) and was one generation better CPU.
Got to love those antique PCs :-))
First used dialup internet in 1997 on my 386 PC.

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