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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu Linux, estimates that the product has over 12 million users worldwide. And why not? Ubuntu is free and it runs more than ten thousand applications. It has a vibrant user community, websites covering everything you might ever need to know, good tutorials, a paid support option, and more. Yet I often hear friends and co-workers casually criticize Ubuntu. Perhaps this the price of success. Or is it? In this article I'll analyze common criticisms and try to sort fact from fiction.
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RE[8]: Yeah right
by SteveB on Wed 1st Jun 2011 21:48 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Yeah right"
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About 12 years ago, I worked for a company that used Lotus Notes. The users absolutely hated it. It had the most unintuitive user interface I have ever seen. The IT department got more support requests for Lotus Notes than any other software. Really, it was an awful product. Granted, I haven't used it in 12 years but back then, it was a user interface nightmare.

A lot has changed since that time. Lotus Notes as client is since some time now being transformed to a product that is not the client you used to know 12 years ago.
I could now tell you that Lotus Notes exists since ages and when it was first developed some design decision have been made for the client that had influenced Lotus Notes till today. It was a time where there was no consensus for how to make a multi platform client application, etc...
But this was 20 years ago and it is not an easy task to transform an application with such a huge install base over night. It is difficult to make changes/progress without disturbing the current install base. And IBM is trying to do that with every new release. They make subtle changes, introduce new things and slowly move the product to a more intuitive handling.

I don't try to defend the product. In no way. I know how easy it is to make a statement that some application is hell to use. But if you would be in their shoes.... would you be able to make it better? I for my self can say that I would sure be able to make some things better. But who am I? I don't know what resistance a >150 million user base would make if I would start to change the user interface?

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