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OSNews, Generic OSes It's funny how trying to have a consistent system design makes you constantly jump from one area of the designed OS to another. I initially just tried to implement interrupt handling, and now I'm cleaning up the design of an RPC-based daemon model, which will be used to implement interrupt handlers, along with most other system services. Anyway, now that I get to something I'm personally satisfied with, I wanted to ask everyone who's interested to check that design and tell me if anything in it sounds like a bad idea to them in the short or long run. That's because this is a core part of this OS' design, and I'm really not interested in core design mistakes emerging in a few years if I can fix them now. Many thanks in advance.
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by xiaokj on Wed 1st Jun 2011 23:44 UTC in reply to "RE[23]: Comment by Kaj-de-Vos"
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I'd argue that nothing prevents system API manufacturers from putting all compatibility kludges in a separate code module, separating them from the rest. After all, you put the same code in that module that you'd put in a translator applet, so that code has an independent life on its own and doesn't need to be mixed with the main server code and impair future developments.

Theoretically possible, but in the real world, it is hard to even envision, let alone actually do it.

On the other hand, translator applets have this advantage that they *enforce* such an isolation.

Well said. I cannot even put it better myself. it's normal that he has less things to tell me this time ;)

You caught my idea wrong. I was finding it funny he didn't talk to me, not you. But of course.

Alfman has a quality which I'm really fond of, as far as OSdeving discussions are concerned : he likes precision. When he notices a blanket statement, he is going to press its author until he either puts some true arguments on the table or quits. That makes him a precious ally to have when designing things.

Certainly. If not for a lack of real exp myself, I would have joined in.

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