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Internet & Networking Because OSNews is technically a site from the US, and because the technology industry is decidedly a US-centric industry, we often talk about US politics having adverse effects on technology - or, the other way around. That's why I've been detailing the political movements here in The Netherlands with regards to net neutrality. After a lot of positive news, I've now got some bad news - bad news that involves the largest political party trying to block net neutrality - because one of its members of parliament, Afke Schaart, is a former KPN employee. And yes, KPN is the carrier that first announced it was going to block and throttle traffic.
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If charging more for certain kinds of traffic means the carrier doesn't have to raise prices across the board, why is that a bad thing?

You may not like a la carte pricing, but some people do. Please don't take away the freedom and ability of those less wealthy than you to economize.

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