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Windows It's 2am here (edit: I'm done writing, it's 2:38am now), and I really ought to be sleeping right about now, but for some stupid arbitrary reason, the D9 conference is held at honestly irresponsible hours for us Europeans (and we rock, damnit). So, here I am, MacBook Air on my lap, camomile tea (the Empress of Teas) in my cup, because Microsoft just had to show Windows 8's new interface for the first time at this ungodly hour. Oh, and they unveiled some more interesting stuff about Windows 8. Update: The videos from D9 are up. Mossberg talking to Steve Sinofsky, and the Windows 8 demonstration by Larson-Green.
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Not my thing on a desktop
by coreyography on Thu 2nd Jun 2011 02:30 UTC
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Too much swiping over too great distances, whether with mouse or finger. It's different, though, I'll give them that. And I too applaud them for making it lighter weight; there was really no excuse for Vista's (or 7's, for that matter) bloat.

As for the x86 vs. ARM thing: I'm most certainly _not_ going to "suck it" if I have to purchase a new license for an app (or Windows 8 itself) because I decide to move it from an ARM-powered PC to an x86 one, or vice versa.

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