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Internet & Networking Because OSNews is technically a site from the US, and because the technology industry is decidedly a US-centric industry, we often talk about US politics having adverse effects on technology - or, the other way around. That's why I've been detailing the political movements here in The Netherlands with regards to net neutrality. After a lot of positive news, I've now got some bad news - bad news that involves the largest political party trying to block net neutrality - because one of its members of parliament, Afke Schaart, is a former KPN employee. And yes, KPN is the carrier that first announced it was going to block and throttle traffic.
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RE: Do we really need regulation?
by abcxyz on Thu 2nd Jun 2011 12:21 UTC in reply to "Do we really need regulation?"
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I think it is a core concept of property law that you can do with your own stuff what you like.

I see what you're saying and where the business is generally heading. And I do not like it. Why should corporations own property and be free to do what with it as they please, while we the people are gracefully allowed to license services and be dictated by "market" owners what we can do with "our" stuff?

Locusts might not realize that, but it's in their own long term interest to control their greed. Or the end will be ugly for them and us alike.

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