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Windows It's 2am here (edit: I'm done writing, it's 2:38am now), and I really ought to be sleeping right about now, but for some stupid arbitrary reason, the D9 conference is held at honestly irresponsible hours for us Europeans (and we rock, damnit). So, here I am, MacBook Air on my lap, camomile tea (the Empress of Teas) in my cup, because Microsoft just had to show Windows 8's new interface for the first time at this ungodly hour. Oh, and they unveiled some more interesting stuff about Windows 8. Update: The videos from D9 are up. Mossberg talking to Steve Sinofsky, and the Windows 8 demonstration by Larson-Green.
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RE[3]: Underwhelming
by christian on Thu 2nd Jun 2011 23:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Underwhelming"
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"If Microsoft makes a .net runtime for ARM there is no reason why .NET apps won't just work unless of course they call some native Win32 code that might not exist on the ARM version of Windows.

It might help if we appraised ourself of what .Net actually is. It is a wrapper around the Win32/64 API. That's it. That's very x86 specific, and let's be honest, it was what kept developers on Windows on a specific platform.

Eh? Win32 was written for MIPS/x86/Alpha/PowerPC (in that order I think). Very little x86 specific.

You simply aren't going to get a complete .Net runtime for the Arm platform because you'll have to port the Win API. Not going to happen.

It will be at least as complete as anything Mono can accomplish. Plus, it will have access to the Windows API, it's Windows!

"Same story with Silverlight. I swear people don't know how a virtual machine or anything works anymore.

They're not virtualising anything and this has nothing to do with virtualisation.

CLR is a Virtual Machine:

It's not machine virtualization in the sense of virtualizing hardware, but a virtual machine in the same manner as the Java virtual machine. All very detached from x86 and portable to ARM.

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