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Windows Four years ago, July 2007, Microsoft released the first few tidbits of information about Windows 7. Vista had just been shipped, and it wasn't received well - both by critics and the marketplace. During these days, I argued that for Windows 7, Microsoft ought to scrap the Vista userland, and build an entirely new interface and userland on top of Windows NT, while maintaining a 'classic' Windows version on the side for business and other reluctant folk who want to see the 'new' Windows mature a little bit first. While they didn't do this with Windows 7, they are doing exactly this with Windows 8. Ladies and gentlemen, Windows 8 is the first 'cut the legacy'-release we've all been waiting for - and Microsoft couldn't have picked a better time.
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Its the same ole same ole
by viator on Thu 2nd Jun 2011 23:52 UTC
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Watched the demonstration on all things D and as soon as you launch a real app your back in the "classic" windows ui start menu and all. The only major changes i see is with the addition of html5 java script apps. And of course all your old apps wont work on the arm version. So basically they slapped windows phone 7 ui on top of windows 7 built in some arm support and call it windows 8.

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