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Windows As you all know, Microsoft is hard at work making sure Windows 8 runs well on tablets, including a completely new, Windows Phone 7-like Metro user interface. Another similarity between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7, apparently, is that Microsoft will be controlling the hardware experience rather tightly. This all comes from Acer CEO J. T. Wang.
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"My suspicion is that truly innovative designs permitted by Android and (I hope) other less restricted environments will eventually dominate the market in place of tightly controlled "experiences".

i wont try android again after having a bad experience with the hardware. i now use an iphone, and i love the thing. because the experience is good. no problems with software, no problems with hardware.

android needs higher quality control. and microsoft is smart to try to control the type of hardware that gets used for windows 8. in fact, for the first few tablets or so they should only sell to oem's and not let them ship the tablet unless it is PERFECT... later on they could relax their rules and stuff. but those first few tablets had better be perfect.

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