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Features, Office Corel's Richard Carriere recently sat down with BetaNews to discuss the hype around alternative office suites and the future of WordPerfect. Carriere says the market is ready for an MS Office alternative, that Microsoft doesn't innovate, and and the OpenDocument format aren't yet viable.
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Tell me another one, you're too funny!
by RawMustard on Wed 19th Oct 2005 13:02 UTC
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RC: Well, I think that is what's happening. If you have a problem with a printer driver or anything, whom are you going to call? You could go on the Internet and contact some community of engineering students who develop drivers in their dorm room. I'm sure people who are really, really tech savvy have always done these things, and thatís fine. But for the average customer you're much better off paying a reasonable price to a well-established software vendor that develops a high quality product that would provide you support.

Yeah, like wait till the next version and we'll fix the driver problem if we feel like it.

No thanks, I'll use an OS-app knowing I've got half a chance at fixing it myself or getting someone more cluey than me to fix it for everyone - Which I might add will probably happen before the next version of MS/Corel Office!

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