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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu Linux, estimates that the product has over 12 million users worldwide. And why not? Ubuntu is free and it runs more than ten thousand applications. It has a vibrant user community, websites covering everything you might ever need to know, good tutorials, a paid support option, and more. Yet I often hear friends and co-workers casually criticize Ubuntu. Perhaps this the price of success. Or is it? In this article I'll analyze common criticisms and try to sort fact from fiction.
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The notification area in 10.04 is broken; if you read back through the forums, IT HAS BEEN BROKEN FOR YEARS... yet, as you say, new features are added, but the small yet consistently annoying niggles don't get fixed.

Another example is the laptop touchpad driver. Years ago it worked perfectly, now after startup, you have to wait for it to resync before you can use it, otherwise your mouse flies around the screen for a few seconds.

Hardly showstoppers, but damn frustrating when you know THEY USED TO WORK FINE.

This applies to Linux in general, not just Ubuntu. Problems like this don't give you a feeling of confidence with a product.

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