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Internet & Networking Since it's weekend, let's start with some good news we can all be happy about. The United Nations has declared internet access a human right, and has called upon all nations to not instate any laws that have the power to cut people off the internet, with France and the UK being singled out because they passed three strikes laws.
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They probably don't, I mean.. death penalties, the assassination of osama bin laden.

The US is a pretty corrupt place, I wouldn't go there.

I'm a little confused how Kasi's post got modded down and this one didn't, it's very off-topic. Oh well, I'm American, but I'm honestly not really offended or surprised. So who cares.

Re: Obama catching Osama ;-) they "claim" he wouldn't go quietly, which is sad because I'm pretty politically apathetic, but even I would've preferred him being tried fairly in open court than a hostile standoff. Oh well, what can you do? I wasn't there, and it wasn't my call.

It's not really a corrupt place, the U.S. It's far from perfect, of course, but it's a very big place, and you won't get 300 million people agreeing on anything any time soon. You wouldn't visit? Well, I've never left! ;) That's more to do with money and habits and lack of need than anything else. There's plenty of places worth visiting here (Disney World, Grand Canyon, etc), so don't rule it out completely. It's not THAT bad, just to be fair. ;-)

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