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Internet & Networking "One researcher has decided he wants to make Skype open source by reverse engineering the protocol the service uses. In fact, he claims to have already achieved that reverse engineering feat on a new skype-open-source blog. The source code has been posted for versions 1.x/3.x/4.x of Skype as well as details of the rc4 layer arithmetic encoding the service uses."
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RE: u really dont get it!
by ecruz on Sun 5th Jun 2011 02:13 UTC in reply to "u really dont get it!"
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I agree with you. But also, why don't the OSS community comes up with a piece of software, brand new, that has no equivalent in the proprietary world and that everyone wants to use?

I just want them to come up with something new. There is enough brain power there to do it, but overall, copying or reverse engineering is all I hear about.

Japan did that for many years but it did not become successful until they started creating their own work. OSS, is time to begin to think that way.

Even if they reverse engineered Skype, first MSFT will not sit idle by (would you, after you pay 8 billion for the thing?), so reversing it is not happening. Second, if it did happen, how many people outside of the geek world (remember geeks, you are a very, very, small minority in the marketplace) would use it instead of the real thing. C'mon, get real!

Just look at OpenOffice, what's their market share?

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