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Internet & Networking Since it's weekend, let's start with some good news we can all be happy about. The United Nations has declared internet access a human right, and has called upon all nations to not instate any laws that have the power to cut people off the internet, with France and the UK being singled out because they passed three strikes laws.
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RE: Civilized country
by shotsman on Sun 5th Jun 2011 05:52 UTC in reply to "Civilized country"
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French governments over the years have proved to be undemocratic.
Just look at how they give two fingers to the EU over legislation & directives they don't like or outright favour La Belle France.

There was a crisis some years back when they EU ruled that France had to open its borders to non French Lamb.
The Farmers started blockading the roads from the English Channel (sorry La Manche) ports and searcing every vehicly including cars for what they called 'pirated meat'. The french police (& thus the government) just sat back and ignored the blatant breach of an EU Directive.
If the position was reversed and the UK banned import of French Wine & Cheese the French Gov would be up in arms.
Strange that.

Then there was the unexpected and largely unexplained 'Non' from Generale De Gaulle when the UK wanted to join the Common Market in the early 1960's.

As a disclaimer, I have owned a property in the Pyrenees for more than 20years. The local sheep farmers had no problem with eating British Lamb especially 'Salt Marsh Lamb'. I introduced them to it years ago. It has a totally different taste to their meat. The same applied to their produce when compared to my local North Downs Lamb.

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