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Humor The German city of Hamburg will soon be getting one of the biggest Apple Stores in the world. Construction isn't complete yet, and a group of people calling themselves the '.WAV Collective' decided it was time for a practical joke. Posing as construction workers, they planted an interesting logo on the store's facade. In broad daylight. And they videotaped it.
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"(├Ąppelmos = crushed apples, apples sauce or whatever)

If you have really much better product, you can troll competition as you wish, but this is not the case.
Motorola did remake of 1984. Turned out their "revolutionary xoom tablet" is a piece of crap, that did not even capable of advertised features.

Like? [citation needed]

The original Apple advert contained nothing about the product, at least the Motorola one did. Thats already a better advert..

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