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Internet & Networking Since it's weekend, let's start with some good news we can all be happy about. The United Nations has declared internet access a human right, and has called upon all nations to not instate any laws that have the power to cut people off the internet, with France and the UK being singled out because they passed three strikes laws.
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The Responsibility of the Common Man
by frajo on Mon 6th Jun 2011 06:21 UTC in reply to "RE: U is shit"
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Whether you believe the war is right or not, those guys over there are just trying to perform the task they have been given, and stay alive in the process -- no mean feat. And I do not believe that the vast majority of them are the sadists you would have us believe they are.

Would you say the same of the Germans in Russia?
Because the excuse you are providing is suitable for every and any soldier of dictators, tyrants and aggressive oligarchies.

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