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Apple Apple just held its keynote thing to signal the start of its Worldwide Developers Conference. The big three things Apple talked about were Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and its new internet service, iCloud.
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You've named 10 countries with Apple Stores. If you live in one of those 10 countries (say Germany), unless you live in Hamburg, Munchen, Berlin or Frankfurt, there's not much you can do. The online store presence is nonexistent in most of the other countries. In Romania, you get a list of the products, and links to some service providers. There's no online Apple Store. There's an App Store (no iTunes and no iBook).
In Romania, out of my closest 10 friends, 9 use Macs. We might be an exception, but that is because the hardware is usually 6 months late and 30% more expensive than in the rest of Europe which makes it almost 60% more expensive than in the States.
I don't find Apple products to be expensive in the States, but in Romania they are exaggerated. In the states, the top model MBA is $1799 on the Apple website. In Romania it's $2950. That's a 64% premium. And people wonder why I buy the hardware from the US.

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