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Humor The German city of Hamburg will soon be getting one of the biggest Apple Stores in the world. Construction isn't complete yet, and a group of people calling themselves the '.WAV Collective' decided it was time for a practical joke. Posing as construction workers, they planted an interesting logo on the store's facade. In broad daylight. And they videotaped it.
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RE[2]: Because...
by PrimalDK on Tue 7th Jun 2011 14:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Because..."
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Sure, if these had originated and been developed as in-house Apple initiatives, but they had/were not.

LLVM is another university project, whereas the Clang frontend is *sponsored* by Apple because Apple -- like most companies -- don't like the GPL. Red Hat also hosts a number of Linux kernel developers, but you'd be hard pressed to call Linux a "Red Hat Open-Source Project", wouldn't you?

Webkit isn't Apple's either. Ever heard of KDE? Of course you have.

Ever heard of Haskell? The main developer is paid by Microsoft, full time, no questions asked and no demands.

C# and the Common Language Runtime are ECMA standards, submitted by the big bad Redmond wolf for your pleasure, as witnessed in the Mono implementation, blown-up (unsubstantiated) controversy or not.

When you think of contributions to OSS, you probably want to think of the SUN, not the Apple.

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