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Editorial Bob Cringeley makes a bold statement in a blog post responding to Apple's iCloud announcement: "Jobs is going to sacrifice the Macintosh in order to kill Windows." He says, "The incumbent platform today is Windows because it is in Windows machines that nearly all of our data and our ability to use that data have been trapped. But the Apple announcement changes all that. Suddenly the competition isn't about platforms at all, but about data, with that data being crunched on a variety of platforms through the use of cheap downloaded apps."
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RE[3]: huh????
by roverrobot on Tue 7th Jun 2011 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: huh????"
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You, however, will spit out a few grand for hardware upgrades...

a few grand? Are we living in the same world? I haven't seen an apple product that is "a few grand" more expensive than its competitors.

There is actually 2 platforms in Apple land - iOS and Mac OSX. The products within those two platforms only vary in form factor.

Only form factors? have you ever used these devices before making a comment? They have completely different emphasis on functionality, and completely different look and feel.

PS: Welcome to 2011, Apple no longer sells server products.

Yes you are right. Thanks for the correction. I meant workstations.

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