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Games So, the E3 is well under way, and all the major players have had their press conferences. To summarise. Microsoft: Kinect. Really. Kinect. Please Kinect. We'll do anything. For the love of god, Kinect. Sony: wait, what is this? What am I doing here? Oh, here's a 24" 3D TV for $500 and yet another PSP. Nintendo: we slapped every possible shiny object onto a tablet and made the Wii capable of rendering halfway decent graphics. Here's another load of Mariozelda Kart, and a bunch of EA games that Xbox/PS3 players already own. Yes, this year's E3 has been a massive letdown - save for a few exceptions. Update: Epic fail for Nintendo. The company has admitted that it has used footage from the Xbox 360 and PS3 to spice up the press reel for the Wii U.
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PS Vita
by fizzled on Wed 8th Jun 2011 03:12 UTC
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The PS Vita sounds like a nice piece of hardware-- quad core ARM, 960×544 display, built-in wifi, 3g, and gps... for $250. I don't give a shit for games, but it's far cheaper than most smart phones, and it has all the hardware there to do what they do.

I'd be curious to learn about internal storage, RAM, and USB (or other options for peripherals).

If someone manages to hack Linux or NetBSD onto one, I would be very happy to purchase one.

Debian + e17 would be sweet. One could use Skype or a SIP client for telephony and get rid of the mobile phone.

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