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BSD and Darwin derivatives "FreeNAS is an open source operating system based on FreeBSD and, as its name implies, designed for networked storage. The project recently celebrated the release of FreeNAS 8, which racked up some 43,000 downloads in the first 48 hours after its release. I caught up with Josh Paetzel, director of IT at iXsystems and project manager for FreeNAS 8, to talk about the current state of the OS, what lies ahead for it, and the relationship to FreeNAS 0.7."
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by tony on Thu 9th Jun 2011 00:26 UTC
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My biggest beef with FreeNAS 8 is the lack of encryption support. Essentially, there are no more open source NAS offerings that offer encryption. FreeNAS 7 had it, but FreeNAS 8 dropped it (because they became ZFS centric where .72 was UFS or ZFS).

I would need to run regular Ubuntu or another distro or FreeBSD, and lose all the great tools FreeNAS had in order to pull off encryption.

OpenFiler doesn't do encryption. I tried to add Truecrypt but there were a tons of dependency problems with even getting a compiler installed)

ZFS supports encryption, but not in the version that's integrated with FreeNAS.

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