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Windows After the end of business on Monday I received the following in an email from Microsoft: "We appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm throughout the Windows Thin PC Community Technology Preview. Today, we are happy to announce that Windows Thin PC has been released to manufacturing (RTM), and will be available for our SA customers to download starting July 1, 2011." Anandtech published a brief but concise review of Windows Thin PC but here's a quick summary of my experience of this 32-bit only OS based on Windows Embedded Standard 7.
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RE[2]: late to the party
by somebody on Thu 9th Jun 2011 20:28 UTC in reply to "RE: late to the party"
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Sure it won't cost anything, other than support, costs of retraining, rebuilding your entire user management structure, and the cost of all those 1Ghz machines, unless you are repurposing older 1Ghz machines, which by this time, are 10-12 years old, and so increased hardware costs.

Free is not always free.

support? i guess windows run without it. guess malware is just in our minds.

retraining what? unless you are dumb and intentionally promote wrong way. in all my cases where i moved some company... firefox/chrome here, firefox/chrome there. OO.o here, OO.o there. thunderbird here, thunderbird there. same custom software here and there. people didn't even notice or care. except problems being gone, there is no difference

rebuilding your entire user management structure? why would you do that? linux plays well with windows way, it is other side that is problematic. move can be really gradual, without pains and automated

cost of hardware????? windows will run on air to be cheaper?

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