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Games So, the E3 is well under way, and all the major players have had their press conferences. To summarise. Microsoft: Kinect. Really. Kinect. Please Kinect. We'll do anything. For the love of god, Kinect. Sony: wait, what is this? What am I doing here? Oh, here's a 24" 3D TV for $500 and yet another PSP. Nintendo: we slapped every possible shiny object onto a tablet and made the Wii capable of rendering halfway decent graphics. Here's another load of Mariozelda Kart, and a bunch of EA games that Xbox/PS3 players already own. Yes, this year's E3 has been a massive letdown - save for a few exceptions. Update: Epic fail for Nintendo. The company has admitted that it has used footage from the Xbox 360 and PS3 to spice up the press reel for the Wii U.
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they just need to focus on delivering games.
by graig on Fri 10th Jun 2011 05:57 UTC
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i am not so torn with them using footage of another system if the graphics are going to be comparable. i think their new controller is lame though. i was a proponent of the wiimote. interacting with the tv screen you have, in a more intuitive way. however not a fan of the tablety controller, how are you supposed to figure out which one to look at.. i think overall i hate the new controller. i also dislike kinekt. the only ones i like are wiimotes and the new sony move controllers.

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