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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Palm HP has finally officially announced the release of the TouchPad! Sadly though, it will only see a phased roll-out over the remainder of the year, and the number of countries actually getting the TouchPad is remarkably limited. Somewhat of a downer, really.
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A couple things...
by kcorey on Fri 10th Jun 2011 08:01 UTC
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In the third paragraph I think you're looking for 'entrench', as in dig in for defense, rather than 'entrance', as in distribute the drugs more widely...

About the TouchPad, I'm going to be cheering it on...but only from the sidelines. As an ex-PalmPilot programmer I saw wave after wave of half-hearted efforts to revitalise the PalmPilot space. Different CPUs, different APIs, different OSes, pathetic developer support, fumbled marketing efforts, and frankly *crap* app store efforts.

That's not to say there weren't stars out there: people who were trying their utmost to make it happen. The problem was that they were mostly at the lower levels of the organisation. You didn't have one over-controlling, paranoid, self-centered, egomaniacal guy saying "it's going to be like *this*".

Much as I don't care for Jobs and the choices he's made for the iPads, (no flash? You gotta be kidding me, just throw the dummy out the pram already), he's made the most compelling platform, tied up with the most compelling content.

This is the key thing, as without content, it's just a shiny paperweight. Don't believe me? Try one of those horrible cheap Chinese Android tablets that can't access the app market. They're just paperweights, without the shiny bit. (Google, what were you thinking? You have two whole generations of tablet impressions out there that android tablets are rubbish. Even if slow, those Chinese tablets would have been interesting if they could only have hit the app market.)

With the littered path of broken Palm promises, HP's going to have a long row to hoe to win back developer (content creator?) trust.

The fact that people are willing to lumber themselves with the abomination that is iTunes just to make the iOS platform work says an awful lot about the quality of the iOS platform.

For my money, I'll be buying the next-gen iPad, I reckon...all the while cheering for HP. Go team!

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