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Internet & Networking It's official now. The signs had been there for a while now. While the west bangs on about the importance of freedom and democracy, they don't actually want anyone to have too much of it. The US, France, and the UK have jointly pretty much declared war on freedom on the web.
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King Canute
by jabjoe on Fri 10th Jun 2011 10:00 UTC
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Fight their actions, but don't get to upset, they can't win, only delay losing. They only think they can win because they don't understand, which is the same reason they think they are right to fight. They might manage to convince some impressionable members of newer generations, but only to the extent that they think what they are still doing is wrong. If everyone is doing it, it makes the law an ass to make it illegal. Best legalize as best as possible and move on as soon as possible. Pointless to fight the tide.

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